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Les groupes de pèlerins foisonnent sur Facebook. Un bon moyen d’échanger sur des thématiques compostellanes, de raconter son chemin, de poser des questions pratiques avant le départ, de communiquer un bon tuyau ou un coup de gueule. Cependant, à mon sens, il y en a de trop, et l’on retrouve le même noyau d’inscrits dans différents groupes. En outre, lorsque l’on veut communiquer (par exemple sur la publication de nouveaux articles sur son site), cela oblige (même si on n’est jamais dans l’obligation de quoi que ce soit et que l’on agit toujours par choix) à multiplier les posts dans les différents groupes.

Ici non plus, je ne prétends pas à l’exhaustivité de cette liste. Bien entendu, si vous connaissez d’autres groupes qu’il vous semble intéressants de mentionner, merci d’en faire profiter tout le monde et de l’indiquer dans l’espace « commentaires » en bas de cette page.

Mise à jour de l’article le 10 juillet 2015

American Pilgrims on the Camino (APOC) : groupe fermé, 9084 membres. Description : this is the FB group for American Pilgrims on the Camino ( The mission of American Pilgrims is to foster the enduring tradition of the Camino by supporting its infrastructure, by gathering pilgrims together, and by providing information and encouragement to past and future pilgrims. Suggestions about products and services are okay, BUT this is not a site for commerce. These postings are welcome on the Camino Marketplace. We will delete posts or comments advertising a product or service or soliciting donations or contributions of any kind. One exception is a ONE TIME announcement about a Camino related book. Subsequent announcements should be placed on Camino Marketplace and will be deleted from this page. If you post a link, introduce it first with your own words. We ask that all members exercise courtesy and respect when posting; here are some general guidelines:
• Be nice.
• Keep it clean.
• Respect others.
Remember everyone is responsible for their own Camino. It is not up to us to judge or criticize another’s experience.

Groupe de pèlerins anglophones sur Facebook : "American Pilgrims on the Camino (APOC)"

Groupe de pèlerins anglophones sur Facebook : « American Pilgrims on the Camino (APOC) »

Original : un groupe bilingue, anglais / espagnol :

The corner of the Pilgrims of Santiago/El Rincón de los Peregrinos a Santiago : groupe fermé, 202 membres. Description : A place to exchange and share experiences and thoughts about the pilgrimage, the pilgrims and the Camnino itself. Un lugar para intercambiar y compartir experiencias y reflexiones sobre la peregrinación, los peregrinos y el propio Camino. (Backpackers and tourists are not very welcome). Mochileros y turistas no son especialmente bienvenidos.

Groupe de pèlerins hispanophones sur Facebook : "The corner of the Pilgrims of Santiago/El Rincón de los Peregrinos a Santiago"

Groupe de pèlerins hispanophones sur Facebook : « The corner of the Pilgrims of Santiago/El Rincón de los Peregrinos a Santiago »

Sur les autres chemins de pèlerinage :

The Jerusalem Way : groupe public, 2061 membres. Description : this is the English Language Facebook Group for the International Jerusalem Way Organisation. The Organisation is a grouping of organisations working with the ancient and modern Pilgrimages. The objective of the Organisation is to promote the new Pilgrimage to Jerusalem in the spirit of cooperation, commonwealth and mutual understanding. While we state that every pilgrim’s route is valid and important, we aim to find. form and mark routes for Pilgrims and any seekers of whatever faith and none. The aim is not tourism, nor ancient devout pilgrimage, but a modern respectful third way with routes which may be at once sacred, shared, and yet practical. We have a zero corruption policy. The Jerusalem Way consists of several routes, traditional and otherwise for all Pilgrims and Seekers to travel slowly to Jerusalem. That includes routes from Santiago, North and West Europe which are practical and used by modern Pilgrims. These routes then follow the natural ways in Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Albania, Macedonia and Greece and on to Istanbul. We include the old ways from Christian (Coptic, Armenian and Western), Muslim and Jewish traditions, and the new ways that will emerge to accommodate the world we have now. The new Pilgrimage to Jerusalem was started in 1970 in France by Route de Jerusalem with other early walkers from Germany, Holland, France, Belgium and the UK. We owe a great debt to these founders who have given of their time and experience selflessly and without seeking credit or fame. The International Jerusalem Way Organisation includes groups and walkers from France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the USA, Canada, UK, Norway, Belgium, Portugal, Ireland, Holland, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Australia, Czech Republic, and more. Ian Brodrick. The International Jerusalem Way

Groupe de pèlerins anglophones sur Facebook : "The Jerusalem Way"

Groupe de pèlerins anglophones sur Facebook : « The Jerusalem Way »

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